Deluxe Vacuum Sealer with LCD Screen & Food Scale – Preserve Freshness & Lock Nutrients in – Perfect for Home & Kitchen Use – Se

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Introducing the solution for preserving your food`s freshness with our food saver vacuum sealer . With a powerful suction of 120W and vacuum degree of -80 kpa, our vacuum sealer seals food in airtight bags within 10-20 seconds, making it the perfect kitchen appliance for preserving and storing your food.
Our vacuum sealer equipped with a food scale on the that converts between 4 units of measurement (g, , kg, oz) and displays the results on -to- LCD screen, making it a versatile tool for all your cooking and meal prep needs. The seal width of 30cm allows you to seal large quantities of food in one go, saving you time and effort.
Our vacuum sealer incredibly user-friendly and comes with a user manual to guide you through the process. The also includes a hose and a of vacuum bags and rolls (1 x 7.9*79in, 5 x 7.9 *11.8 in, 10 x 11 *16 in, 20 x 6*7.9in ), giving you the flexibility to store a wide range of food items.
With a sealing time of just 6-10 seconds, our vacuum sealer perfect for busy home cooks and professionals who want to preserve their food`s freshness and extend its . The product powered by AC 100V-120V 60Hz and has been designed to deliver consistent and performance every time.
Our vacuum sealer not only functional but also stylish with a and design that seamlessly into any kitchen décor. It also lightweight and compact, making it to store when not in use.
Don`t settle for mediocre vacuum sealers that don`t deliver the results you need. Choose our food saver vacuum sealer for unparalleled performance, convenience, and quality. Buy now and experience the benefits of perfectly preserved food that tastes just as fresh as the day it was made.

  • PRESERVE FOOD LONGER – Vacuum sealer with -80 kpa vacuum degree removes air and seals food in 6-10 seconds. Keeps food fresh to 8 times longer than other food storage methods.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL – This food saver vacuum sealer features vacuum sealing, sealing only, and a vacuum/seal function. It converts between 4 units of measurement (g, , kg, oz)and displays results on -to- LCD screen.
  • FOOD SCALE INCLUDED – Equipped with a food scale on the , this vacuum sealer makes it to weigh and seal food for storage. 
  • TO USE – put food in a bag, the open end into the , and press the button to vacuum and seal. No more wasted food or money.
  • COMPACT DESIGN – Our vacuum sealer for food small and lightweight, perfect for countertop use or storage in a drawer.
  • MONEY SAVER – Seal a meal vacuum sealer prevents freezer burn and saves money by allowing bulk buying and cooking in advance.

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