Portable Folding Lunch Box: Microwave-Safe Silicone Bento Box

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Discover the convenience of our Portable Folding Lunch Box, a microwave-safe silicone bento box that is perfect for keeping your food fresh and organized. Here are its standout features:

Material: Made of food-grade silicone, ensuring safety and durability.
Capacity Options: Available in various capacities – 350ML, 540ML, 800ML, and 1200ML to cater to different needs.
Color Varieties: Choose from a range of vibrant colors including red, navy blue, light blue, yellow, orange, purple, green, and pink.
Space-Saving Design: Its folding feature allows for easy storage, saving space in your kitchen cabinet or bag.
Microwave Safe: Suitable for fresh-keeping and heating food in the microwave, making your meal preparations quicker and more efficient.
Category: Falls under our Tableware & Kitchenware category, a testament to its utility in every kitchen.

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