Rainbow Soft Tail Ball

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Experience the joy of playtime with our Rainbow Soft Tail Balls, designed to bring a splash of color and fun to your indoor and outdoor activities. Here’s why these balls are a must-have:

  • Durable and Friendly Design: Crafted with tough nylon construction, these balls are soft to touch and built to last, enduring consistent use both indoors and outdoors without breaking down or deteriorating.
  • Easy to Handle: The balls are made of lightweight foam, making them easy to handle, especially for little hands. The mesh texture is soft and friendly to the touch, ensuring a comfortable grip.
  • Fearless Play: The unique design of SoftTails eliminates the fear of tossing and catching. Even if you are not perfect with your throw or catch, the long tail allows for easy retrieval, encouraging more active play.
  • Vivid Rainbow Colors: The combination of vivid rainbow colors and a 36-inch long tail makes it easy to spot the balls in the air and track their flight path, adding a vibrant touch to your playtime.
  • Encourages Active Play: These balls are not just fun to play with but also encourage physical activity, helping to develop motor skills and coordination.
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